Development of organizational potential, one leader at a time.

About us

"Go as far you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see further. »

Thomas Carlyle

We believe that development of your full potential requires self-discovery, and that having the audacity to step outside your comfort zone is essential to explore all the possibilities available to you.

Our services

Leadership development

  • Planning and creation of leadership development programs
  • Facilitation of leadership training workshops
  • Implementation of mentoring programs
  • Facilitation of co-development groups
  • Support and coaching of newly promoted managers

Individual or team coaching

Individual coaching is a powerful approach that can bring important results in terms of performance, self-confidence, impact and self-awareness:

  • Integration coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Management coaching

Group coaching is effective in addressing common challenges for a group of participants.

Facilitation of Design Thinking workshops

Design Thinking is gaining ground in the business world because this problem-solving approach, based on an understanding of the user's human needs, helps to develop solutions that are aligned with customer satisfaction, whoever they are.

  • Improve/enhance the candidate experience in a recruitment process
  • Define the strategic positioning or mission of a team within an organization
  • Better understand customers (internal or external) to better serve them
  • Develop a recognition program
  • Transforming the customer service approach
  • Facilitate a post-acquisition integration process

Facilitation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops

This methodology is very effective, especially in the following cases:

  • Mobilization of teams during change management periods
  • Process improvement
  • Facilitation of Design Thinking workshops
  • Facilitation of brainstorming sessions
  • Team building workshops

Our customers


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